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An important phenomenon of recent times is the rapid growth of the accountancy profession. The rapid changes in the economy of the country are placing great responsibilities on the Public Accountants. The type services performed by an accountant varies depending on the need of the clients and expertise of the accountant. The important ones are discussed below.


This includes the writing up of accounts and the preparation of financial statements.
It encompasses a wide area ranging from simple Book keeping to complex financial analysis.

  • Provide Monthly Write-Up services.
  • General Ledger maintenance.
  • Prepare Financial Statements.
  • Compile and Review the financial statements.



With a number of taxes on the statute book, current and continuing tax information has become vital to the effective economics of business management. The assessment of taxes is very closely linked with financial accounts. The Chartered Accountant with his experience in accounts is in an advantageous position for preparing the returns for tax purposes, representing assessees before the Income-Tax authorities and rendering general advice on taxes to his clients. An additional responsibility placed on him recently is that his services will be required by the tax department for auditing complicated cases, having large revenue potential.
  • File your return using electronic filing for fast refunds.
  • Prepare your Federal and state income taxes.
  • Prepare your Estate returns 1040 and 1041.
  • Corporations both 1120 and 1120S and payroll taxes.
  • Partnerships and Non-Profit Organizations taxes.
  • Tax planning to minimize your taxes.
  • Examine prior year’s tax returns for possible tax savings and planning.
  • Catch up your tax returns.
  • Represent you in front of the IRS.
  • If moved from other state? We can prepare your former state tax returns


Special Company Work

The services of Public Accountants are frequently sought in connection with matters such as the formation, financial structure and liquidation of limited companies. Secretarial and Registration work and the duties of a Receiver are also undertaken by them, in addition to other company work.Possibly one of the most important functions of an Accountant, it is here that his specialised training, skill and judgment are most often called into play.


Business Development
  • In Today’s world independence is the number one choice. We provide our courteous services in making your dream come true.
  • We will help you in selection and set-up of the legal form of your organization. May it be Self Proprietorship, Partnership or a Corporation.
  • We provide assistance in selection of the accounting programs, their set-up and training.


Share Valuation Work

We are called upon to undertake the valuation of shares of public and private companies when amalgamation or re-organisation takes place for the purpose of takeover bids and other acquisitions.


Leased Employee
  • We specialize in providing Leased employee services at very reasonable rate.
  • We take care of all the paperwork of hiring and maintaining the employees in your organization.
  • You do not have to deal with the Unemployment Insurance or to worry about timely payment of taxes and late payment penalties.


Payroll Services
  • Provide Human Resource Services.
  • Process Weekly/Semi-monthly/bi-weekly Payroll.
  • Prepare Payroll Checks.
  • Prepare Payroll reports.
  • Prepare Payroll Tax Returns- 941, 940, SUTA, State Withholding.
  • Integrate payroll information into financial statements.


Other Services

Among many other duties undertaken by an Accountant, mention may be made of service as an arbitrator for the settling of disputes and those connected with insolvency work, such as the preparation of statements of affairs and the duties of a trustee in bankruptcy or under a deed of arrangement.In a well organised company or group of companies.
  • Mortgage Loan Applications
  • Cash Flow setup
  • Settling with Internal Revenue Service


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